Wyo Rodeo Whisky

The Sheridan WYO Rodeo was founded in 1931 to preserve and promote our western way of life. Through thick and thin, it hasn’t just endured, it has thrived. That’s the spirit of the ranching life here in Wyoming. We work hard so our families can carry on our legacy of community building, self-reliance and lifelong love for the land and the animals we care for.

It’s pretty well known that here in Wyoming, we enjoy a fine spirit or an ice-cold brew at the end of a hard day’s work. Earlier this year, we heard tasty tales about an aged Canadian whisky from a local ranching family with deep roots in the liquor business. After a shared bottle among new friends, we knew this was something very special. Right there, we made a handshake deal to saddle up with Bighorn Spirits and put our name on the bottle. Visit the Sheridan Wyo Rodeo website, click here.